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  • I am currently using Microsoft Money 2000 whici I think is brilliant. However I am unable to access Microsoft Money 2000 in Dropbox and need to start using Microsoft Money Plus Sunset. Can I run both Microsoft Money 2000 and  Microsoft Money Plus Sunset on the same computer until I have transferred all my data. My OS  is Windows 7, IE 11 
    Sunday, August 23, 2015 10:21 AM

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  • Note that Money Plus Sunset will not be able to use a UK file.

    I am not sure what you mean by accessing Money 2000 in Dropbox, but I suspect that you mean that if you keep your *.mny file in the Dropbox folder, things don't work as you would like. I would suggest that you keep your *.mny file in your Documents folder, but set up the upon-exit backup file (*.mbf) to go into the Dropbox folder. I would have the scheduled backup to go onto a flash drive.

    Or maybe just have just the scheduled backup go into the Dropbox folder. I doubt that Money Plus is going to do something with Dropbox that Money 2000 will not.

    A really nice feature of Money Plus is that it can keep multiple (up to 99; default is 4)
    uniquely named time+datestamped versions of the backup files.

    But to answer your direct question, yes. You can have 2000 and Plus installed at a time. You
    have to pay careful attention during install to select to not have Money
    Sunset uninstall the earlier version during install.

    The only caveats I can think of are the last-installed is set up
    with the file associations, so when you download an OFX or QIF, the
    last installed gets fed the file.  To feed the file to both, save
    the file to disk, and do File->Import to both.  Just clicking a
    link sends the file to the last-installed.  You could manually
    adjust the associations, or could reinstall 2000 to reset the

    Copy your Money 2000 file to another filename such as Mon08.mny.
    Let Money Sunset convert that file, rather than to convert the
    Money 2000 file that you want to continue working with. Money 2000
    will not be able to read a converted file.

    Sunday, August 23, 2015 3:24 PM