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    Alright Guys,


    Nice job with Synctoy 2.0, I just plugged in it in and it seems to be pretty good out of the box. There is a lot of frustration out there with the whole offline files synchronization thing. Let's face it, more and more users are using multiple desktop/laptop configurations and need their data to sync up so they always have the data right at their fingertips. That being said Offline files is not so user intuitive and has some quirks (like when it won't let you work in offline mode, while using a VPN and many others.


    Here is the million dollar question?, Is this just a toy/pet project or is Microsoft going to leverage it with GPO to allow administrators to set policies for file synchronization. If I could set it and forget it from a GPO, this would make a world of difference. The big difference with Synctoy is it makes a second real copy of the data instead of a cryptic copy like offline files, which is a better solution that offline files, way better.


    At this point, I want to use this as a file synchronization technology as a replacement for offline sync, but since it's still in Beta, it's a little tough to do this. Also, what are Microsoft’s plans for synctoy??? If they build it into the next major Windows 2008 release (sp1 perhaps) so admins could use it to employee policies etc, it would be great.


    A few tips for the current release


    Until we see a little GPO action, it will be a little sticky to deploy to a few thousand users. Scripting an MSI install for Synctoy isn't too bad, but it how does one replace the my documents sync we have all come to love and loathe :-) If you are interested in scripting your active folder pairs, the documentation is a bit off, but here is the correct syntax to do this from the command line.:


    synctoy.exe -d(left="c:\yes",right="h:\yes",name="new",operation=Synchronize,check=yes,excluded=,included=)


    Note that you need quotes around the path and no spaces for the most part. If you literally cut and past my example, it will work, just replace the path's in the quotes.


    Now that synctoy is deployed, and the pairs setup (as many as you want), then you just need to write a quick batch file with the synctoycmd.exe -R command and it will sync everything up during logon or logoff.


    I love the work on this fellas, but the exercise above is just a test as I can't be ballzie enough to ramp up a deployment with a beta software version - let's get a full release in the pipeline and add in a GPO template to make my year!!!




    Tuesday, June 17, 2008 5:33 PM