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  • I made WHS back up one set with VIsta and XP partitions of a dual-boot client when I was running Vista, and a second set for  XP only when I was running XP Pro. When I try to restore XP from either backup only about 4Gb of about 21Gb is actually restored. However, all the files are there as I can copy them across from WHS but I can't dual boot any more.


    Here's the nitty gritty: The drive I bought  a few months ago to install Vista on my client machine died. I had WHS back up both OS partitions under Vista, but only the XP one under XP. On an identical replacement drive I tried to restore XP first using the backup from the XP only set, but had several blue screens after the restore - usually bad_pool_error or stop. When I tried to boot the restore disk I still had the same blue screens. When I partitioned the new drive I had tried to make it identical to the original but I had about 35Gb of space left over, so it looks like that first drive was bad from the start. However, the XP and Vista partitions were as they were before so I wasn't expecting this to be a problem. When I looked at the disk sectors I noticed that one partition that I had not mapped to be restored had data on it, as well as the one that was mapped. I repartitioned that rogue one and was able to get the restore CD to run again.  That partition by the way is a little one I use for the XP  pagefile. I also ran a few tests to check that memory and controllers were fine before proceeding.  Things went fine second time around but XP wouldn't boot. That's when I discovered that most of the files were missing. So, I restored both drives from the backup I made under VIsta. It didnt boot and I had to run the Vista CD startup repair a couple of times but otherwise all went well. However, most of the XP drive files were missing again. I've tried restoring XP again from both backups but it always ends up with a parital restore. I've copied the files across so the actual backup seems OK, but of course I cannot boot into XP any more.  Its a drive change so I  did see a Vista activation request and tried to run it but it failed - I haven't had the request again.


    I've use talq on the server but on the Vista client I didn't see any indication of file transfer, so hopefully you've received the files.

    Thursday, July 5, 2007 7:27 PM

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  • If you are attempting to restore a dual boot system you have to restore both partitions at the same time. Also, you shouldn't be backing up only xp under xp, and both oses under Vista, it will mess you up. You should run the backups of both oses from the OS that is on the primary partition of the hard drive.
    Thursday, July 5, 2007 7:36 PM