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    Hi All,

    First let me tell that I'm new to this "local database caching" thing so I'm sorry if my question is a stupid one.


    I'm building a Smart Client app for a (belgian) company for their foreign representativs.  Since they are not allways connected, I used local caching, but now I'm facing following problem :

    Let's say their german rep. (after a day of work), comes home with his laptop, connects (via the internet) to the central server, I want his orders to be sync'ed with the central DB (shouldn't be a problem), but the other way around, I want only his (the german) orders to be sync'ed (update) from the central DB to his laptop, also since the prices differ per country, I also only want the german prices send back to him.  I have a "country code" in every table of the db.


    My question: Is there a simply way (and if so, how) to accomplish this ?




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