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    To most people having network profile changes with your wireless connections. I would to have to say that using a second party wireless management software is not good with windows onecare. If your using the version of Live OneCare that allows you to manage network connections try there first if your having a Internet Explore problem. You may be connected to you wireless network but can not go onto the internet. EXP. > Connection to DAWGHOUSE is excellent> using Intel PROSet/Wireless Management software> but you can't seem to go onto the internet [ EXP> error is saying your offline but your not]. If your having this problem disable the second software settings to manage your wireless conection and use windows to configure your wireless connections. You should see a Info menu then saying found new network apply it to home location in Live OneCare. Continue to use windows wireless management until a software update can be made to LiveCare regaurding this issue with network management second party software.

    Easy Understanding do this> Right Click your Wireless Broadcast Icon Located in XP TaskBar > [EXP]: IntelPROSet wireless Utility Find option to use windows to configure your wireless configuration. Then add New found network to your Home locations. I'm not the best to explain but this is a issue for most people whom are having a problem with internet connections using the network safe Live OneCare system/ CPL.org/net settings in the security. More info can be resolve with a online tech.



    1-Net Tech DAWG

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008 2:48 PM


  • Thanks for that information on your experience.

    Note that the problem you are describing may actually be a problem with the Intel software as you are not using OneCare to manage the wireless connection, but Windows.

    Wireless Security in OneCare, when using a supported router, simplifies enabling a secure connection.

    From your description, you were unable to connect with the Intel agent, but were able to connect with the Windows Zero Configuration for wireless networking. The Home or Work vs. Public setting is not the wireless security feature in OneCare, but is what allows for simpler configuration of the firewall since a Home or Work network allows common protocols to be allowed and a Public network causes the firewall to lock down less secure services.


    Thursday, February 7, 2008 2:39 PM