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  • WHS1 on an HP retail home server box, two clients (an HP Vista notebook and a HP Win7 desktop), both clients have recent automatic WHS backups, a new (larger) NFTS MBR formatted hard drive was just installed on the desktop, just made a restore CD from a MS iso download, the CD boots a restore environment, but it can't find the WHS box by its specifically known and entered name, error message says "Network error has occurred," I can access the server console from the notebook which is otherwise idle, the server seems to be working ok.  

    I have replicated several times the observation that while the restore CD begins booting, the desktop's RJ-45 port status LEDs show power (solid green) and frequent activity (blinking yellow). But several seconds into the CD boot process, the NIC's lights eventually go dark before the boot process reports finding the Realtek NIC. To assure proper drivers (from the recent backup) are available, I have them on a USB flash drive that is inserted. However, the restore process never finds the server WHS - which is sort of not suprising as the RJ-45 status lights previously went dark and have not come back on.

    I have read several similar postings concerning various network errors, nothing yet seems to match my observed conditions yet. In search of ideas how to get the desktop's NIC to work after the restore process is begun.


    Wednesday, May 30, 2012 1:03 AM

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