External live Meetings Failing - host name incorrect RRS feed

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  • Hi
    I am really struggling to get external meetings to work correctly when sending email invites, although they work perfectly internally.

    I believe I have setup my edge server correclty (or at least semi correctly!) as I can get mobile clients to connect through it.

    The problem seems to be that when an external meeting client tries to connect, it fails becuase the connection information is not correct. When checking the event log I can see that the client is being directed to sipexternal.internal.mydomain.com on port 443.

    The problem is I have set the meeting service to listen on a none default port and woudl like to keep it this way if possible (although I can revert to 443 if absolutley necessary)

    The other major problem is that the host record is invalid, and will never be valid. It needs to be sipexternal.mydomain.com. How can I stop my server publishing the internal DNS name of the server rather than the external?

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009 12:10 PM

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  • I have checked the external meeting client log entires a little more and it appears it tries a number of hostnames to reach the edge server over the internet, none of which will work in my setup:



    None of these FQDN's are configued on any of the property pages of the OCS server or the edge serever. All listed FQDNS in all property pages appear the same - ocs.mydomain.com 

    What I dont understand is why this information isnt being sent to the external client?  There is no way I can create an internet DNS record of sipexternal.internal.mydomain.com

    The best I could hope to do is sipexternal.mydomain.com but this isnt a name that is attempted by the client?

    Am I missing something?
    Tuesday, January 20, 2009 3:56 PM
  • Hi,
    Take a look at the OCS planning guide doc, it sheds some light on those sipexternal.fqdn.com / sipinternal.fqdn.com queries. In short, those are hardcoded into every OCS / LM client as "fallback" FQDNs. You can pretty much ignore the errors about those.

    Your external clients should either be manually configured to connect to ocs.mydomain.com, or you should be using SRV records in your external DNS to automatically direct external clients to ocs.mydomain.com.

    If you already are doing that, then I suggest that you take a look at your edge server's configuration and check the external FQDN that you are specifying for Web Conferencing. It should be something like "webconf.mydomain.com". You'll of course need an external DNS record for that and a cert with that name as well.

    If you have all that configured properly, make sure that you can telnet to webconf.mydomain.com on port 443 from the outside.


    Matt McGillen, PointBridge - https://blogs.pointbridge.com/Blogs/mcgillen_matt/default.aspx
    Wednesday, January 21, 2009 3:54 PM
  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply.

    The Edge server configuration is set to use the extrnal FQDN "OCS.MYDOMAIN.COM" and I have a certificate to match. This record exists on the internet and I can telnet to port 443 from an internet PC to test connectivity. My problem is that external clients are not attempting to connect to this host and I dont understand why. All I can see from the event log is the "hardcoded" fallback hostnames you mention.

    If I modify the hosts file on the PC to force the client to try and connect to "sipexternal.mydomain.com" by pointing it at my external IP it works. - Well I get a certificate error obvioulsy as the name doesnt match the cert on the external interfect but at least I get an error other that the default cant connect.

    I hope this makes sense?  Basically I have chosen OCS.mydomain.com but this isnt being passed to external clients, as I know they are not trying this address - if they were it would work as proved by my hosts file chance and telnet test.

    Also somethign I possibly didnt make clear - the hardcoded fallback domains that are being attempted by the client are sipexternal.INTERNAL.mydomain.com which doesnt make sense - I cannot create an internet DNS host to match this.  the INTERNAL bit is from the internal DNS name of the server on our LAN. If I could make the client try and connect to sipexternal.mydomain.com then i could make a matching record and the fallback address would work for me. Why would the client be trying only internal FQDN's ?
    Wednesday, January 21, 2009 4:01 PM
  • Hi,
    There are probably two issues here:

    1) it seems like you are using the same name for webconferencing and access edge roles: those need to be different.
    2) it seems like you don't have external DNS SRV records set up

    Can you confirm the FQDNs that you are using for access edge as well as webconf? Also, let me know if you are using SRV records.


    Matt McGillen, PointBridge - https://blogs.pointbridge.com/Blogs/mcgillen_matt/default.aspx
    Thursday, January 22, 2009 7:17 PM