WHS Reboots while restoring RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to restore a second drive in a Windows 7 workstation and the restore keeps failling.  When I pick a directory that has a large number of files, or if I am restoring a large file (the last one was 2.2 gigabytes) the restore fails because my WHS reboots.

    The 2.2 gig file gets about 60% of the way through consistantly before the restore fails because my WHS reboots.  I'm not sure how far along the restore of a directory with a large number of files fails (it's a Steam directory with about 80 games).

    Thankfully I had the forsite to put all the game application directories on a second partition -  the C: drive wtih the OS and other applications resotred fine via bare metal restore.

    Neither booting into the bare metal restore or restoring from booting the machine into Windows, running the dashboard, and using the restore wizard from their is working :(

    Ironically, I had this machine configured in a very similar fasion (OS on C:, most of games on D:) with the Windows 8 preview, and restored it with Windows 8 several times with no issues - both drives restored, nor did I run into the speed issues with the restore widely reported in the forums, so I didn't bother taking a second disk image backup before trying to restore with the machine reconfigured with Windows 7 - d'oh!  I can re-download the games, but it's just galling that they are there in the backup and they simply wont' restore.  If there are any good backup troubleshooting threads I'd appreciate a link.   Thanks!

    Friday, July 27, 2012 11:40 AM