is plugin execution in sequence or concurrent for delete message over multiple records? RRS feed

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  • I am new to Dynamics CRM and I could not find any information so far that would apply to my scenario. We have a Program entity that can have/reference multiple program dates entities, and each program date can have/reference multiple event entities. We have a view displaying all events associated with the program, and on the program form we want to display in a text the total number of events. From the view user can select multiple events then click delete button. This is a button that comes with CRM, not a custom one.

    If I create a plugin for Delete message on event entity and want to query both program and Program date filed that keeps the total number of events then subtract one I am not sure these plugins will execute in sequence or concurrently thus having a race condition.

    Now using javascript I also do not know if it is possible to read entity records PK and hook up into the pop up Confirm Deletion dialog box and execute after that a web service call

    Any ideas?

    Friday, May 16, 2014 5:44 AM