Try copying Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools RRS feed

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  • Try copying Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools. Getting anywhere near to that would be very useful.

    Nice to see the recent changes though, it shows that the beta version is being developed. But domain ranks go up and down like a yoyo so unfortunately it seems to be as unreliable as ever.




    Friday, August 8, 2008 6:23 PM


  • @Mark - thank you for the feedback. Our goal is not to copy Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools - that doesn't provide much extra value for webmasters if we simply duplicate their functionality. Instead, our goal is to provide features that are unique, are search engine agnostic and are directly actionable for webmasters. A great example of this is the Crawl Issue report we provide for Long Dynamic URLs. This report tells webmasters what URLs on their site we have flagged as being too complex to crawl. This is data that can help you improve your URL structure, and shoudl help your website get better crawls by all major search engines.


    With respect to domain ranks, these will change periodically as we evolve our ranking algorithms and rerank all the content on the web. Because web pages are ranked on a logrithmic curve, a seemlingly small change in the web or on your site could have a rather large impact on your ranking. I would not use Page Score (or PageRank) as a key metric for your site, instead I would look at what % of your site's most valuable pages are getting indexed, and how well search traffic is converting through those pages.


    Friday, October 10, 2008 9:35 PM