Synchronizing file from "C:\folderName" to web server "http://localhost:80/Content/Files/" RRS feed

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  • Dear friends, 

    I want to synchronize folder/sub-folders/files from file system to web-server/local-server

    My application is working fine as long as i give source and destination path as local directories("C:\Source", "C:\ Destination" , but when i change it source from "C:\Source" to "web server" using WebRequest method i get exception of "URI formats are not supported"

    WebRequest serverAdress = WebRequest.Create("http://localhost:80/Content/Files/") as HttpWebRequest;
    serverAdress.Method = "POST";
    serverAdress.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("http://localhost:80/", "Anonymous");
    startSync(serverAdress.RequestUri.ToString(), thisUser);

    And here is my synchronization function

    private bool Synchronize(String source, String destination)
                SyncOperationStatistics syncOperationStatistics;
                //Assign Unique Guids to the source and destination replicas
                sourceReplicaID = GetReplicaID(Path.Combine(source, "ReplicaID"));
                destinationReplicaID = GetReplicaID(Path.Combine(destination, "ReplicaID"));
                //Create the source Sync Provider, attach the path and assign the ReplicaID
                sourceProvider = new FileSyncProvider(sourceReplicaID, source);
                //Create the destination Sync Provider, attach the path and assign the ReplicaID
                destinationProvider = new FileSyncProvider(destinationReplicaID, destination);
                SyncOrchestrator synchronizationAgent = new SyncOrchestrator();
                synchronizationAgent.LocalProvider = sourceProvider;
                synchronizationAgent.RemoteProvider = destinationProvider;
                    //Start the synchronization process
                    syncOperationStatistics = synchronizationAgent.Synchronize();
                    //Assign synchronization statistics to the lstStatistics control
                    //listBox1.Items.Add("Download Applied: " + syncOperationStatistics.DownloadChangesApplied.ToString());
                    //listBox1.Items.Add("Download Failed: " + syncOperationStatistics.DownloadChangesFailed.ToString());
                    //listBox1.Items.Add("Download Total: " + syncOperationStatistics.DownloadChangesTotal.ToString());
                    //listBox1.Items.Add("Upload Total: " + syncOperationStatistics.UploadChangesApplied.ToString());
                    //listBox1.Items.Add("Upload Total: " + syncOperationStatistics.UploadChangesFailed.ToString());
                    //listBox1.Items.Add("Upload Total: " + syncOperationStatistics.UploadChangesTotal.ToString());
                catch (Microsoft.Synchronization.SyncException se)
                    MessageBox.Show(se.Message, "Sync Files - Error");
                    return false;
                    // Release resources once done
                    if (sourceProvider != null)
                    if (destinationProvider != null)
                return true;

    Monday, May 20, 2013 2:08 PM