Portfolio Analysis and Resource Availability not calculating off of Resource Plan RRS feed

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  • Using PA Resource Analysis, we expect it will calculate off the Resource Plan (based on the time-phased & "Use Resource Plan Utilization" settings). However, we have updated specific Resource Plans and those changes are not reflected (by either using the Reload Resource Option or in a brand new Analysis). We have found that changing the Project Plan does change the resource requirements in the analysis (if a new Analysis is started). This is unexpected since the value on that Project's Resource Plan "Calculate From" field is set to "Resource Plan". It was once set to "Project Plan" so I don't know if that is some how affecting it. So several questions: 1. If the Resource Plan says Calculate from "Resource Plan" shouldn't it or can it not be changed back once it has pointed to "Project Plan"? 2. I found the same project showed the same lack of resource allocation on the Resource Assignment section when I thought this looked at both existing project plans and resource plans (as long as the resources are "Commited"). What is it supposed to be doing? 3. Shouldn't the Reload Resources button actually reload the current resource allocation into the Portfolio Analysis? 4. How can I at least get the data out of all the Resource Plans (from the backend) to do manual analysis in the meantime? Thanks for any help you can provide.
    Thursday, June 30, 2011 10:53 AM