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  • In Money 99, if I am in an account register or any of the investment views, I can type Alt-s to produce a drop-down list of accounts or investments, respectively.  Is there an equivalent keyboard shortcut for the Sunset version?

    When entering transactions for multiple investments from my broker's monthly statement, it is a pain to have to return to the "Portfolio" view to switch investments.  Ditto for entering charges for multiple credit cards after the wife had a fun day shopping.

    Monday, November 23, 2015 5:02 AM

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  • I like to create an AccountList shortcut at the top. From the Account List, clicking the name of an Investment account puts me into the Account Register for that account. I usually select View: All transactions covering all dates, Sorted by Date (increasing)

    I don't understand what your alt-S does. In an investment register, the alt-S does nothing in Sunset.

    Make sure that it says "Advanced Register" above the Total column heading on the right.

    I un-tick ShowTransactionForms in the lower left.

    An important control in an account Register is Cntl-T to toggle to 2-line mode.

    To switch investments in an entry, click into the Investment field. Expect a drop-down list, but if you start typing, the investment will show up when you have unambiguously typed the first part of the investment name or symbol.

    Here is key Shortcut FAQ from Money 2007, which should be the same as Sunset:


    Keyboard shortcuts
    Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly access and use features without using a mouse.

    To Press
    Copy text CTRL+C
    Insert today's date in the Date field CTRL+D
    Create a scheduled payment or deposit from a selected transaction in the account register CTRL+E
    Find a transaction  CTRL+F
    Find and replace  CTRL+H
    Open the Windows Calculator  CTRL+K
    Mark a transaction as cleared CTRL+M
    Create a new file CTRL+N
    Open a file CTRL+O
    Print CTRL+P
    Split a transaction CTRL+S
    Switch between the Top Line Only and All Transaction Details views in the account register CTRL+T
    Paste text CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT
    Cut text and place on clipboard CTRL+X
    When entering a new transaction in a register, use information from the same field in the previous transaction CTRL+Y
    In the account register, undo delete CTRL+Z
    Go to the same field in the previous transaction in the account register CTRL+UP ARROW
    Go to the same field in the next transaction in the account register  CTRL+DOWN ARROW
    Copy text  CTRL+INSERT
    Go to the account list CTRL+SHIFT+A
    Go to the Bills summary page CTRL+SHIFT+B
    Go to Categories & Payees List  CTRL+SHIFT+C
    Go to Portfolio Manager CTRL+SHIFT+I
    Mark a transaction as Reconciled (R) in the account register  CTRL+SHIFT+M
    Go to Planning CTRL+SHIFT+P
    Go to Reports CTRL+SHIFT+R
    Go to Tax Center CTRL+SHIFT+T
    Open Help pane  F1
    Find and replace F3
    Open or close selected drop-down list F4
    Refresh the Web browser F5
    Switch focus between the toolbar and the main window F6
    Convert an amount to a foreign currency when the insertion point is in an amount field F8
    Switch focus to or from feedback pane in account register F9
    Go to Money home page ALT+HOME
    Undo last typing ALT+BACKSPACE or CTRL+Z
    Close Money ALT+F4
    Increase a date by one Plus sign (+)
    Decrease a date by one Minus sign (-)
    Cancel changes ESC

    Monday, November 23, 2015 1:18 PM