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  • The Preview feature is good, but I have found an issue that is fairly irritating, and have a couple of suggestions as to how it might be remedied.

    In order to reply to a thread being previewed, one must click on the Title link, which navigates to a page containing the single entry. After replying, one must then navigate back to the page with all of the thread headers. One thing I've noticed is that if I filter this page by "No Replies," when I navigate back it is unfiltered again. So, that would be helpful, to persist the filter when navigating back from an answer.

    In order to avoid this issue, I can open the link to the single message in a new tab. Of course, after replying, the message thread header page is not updated. Now, there are 3 approaches (I can think of outright) which might solve this issue. One would be to include a "Reply" button in the preview, and allow a message to be replied to in the same page with the message headers. Another would be to have each individual message open in its own tab or window. I realize with IE this is problematic, since tab configurations are client-side user-controlled, and having a web page open a window raises security issues with IE (although those can generally be overcome). The third approach would be to use a target frame attribute in the link which would specify a new page. Of course, this would not remedy the message header page updating after replying, but that is not as severe a problem as the other, in terms of the time it takes to navigate the forum.

    The use of Ajax in these forums has been a real time-saver. I'm sure that Ajax could also be used to improve the issue I'm discussing here.
    Kevin Spencer, Chicken Salad Alchemist
    Wednesday, March 5, 2008 1:10 PM