How do we a create a seat licensing model for our CRM 2013 online product? RRS feed

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  • My question pertains to CRM 2013 online. I'm sure some of you out there are either consulting shops or independent companies that write software products for CRM. I have a question. Currently we have CRM product that we sell with a basic price structure which gives them a perpetual license for that version of software that we have distributed. But going forward we would like to also have the ability to also charge on a per seat basis as a second model for pricing. So basically we would charge per user that is using the system. I know how to get the CAL licensing information programatically that CRM keeps in order to keep track of Microsoft's CRM seat pricing model. I think I would use this as the basis of information per month. I figured that upon each save of our main entity I could create a plugin that could query that info and store that info in a licensing entity. I could also create a workflow that would send out an email to us each month telling us how many users are using the product in that company. This seems like a pretty simple setup. Is there anything out there that could save me the trouble of architecting this and gives us good license management features? Also if company breaks our agreement or does not pay for their users we would like the ability to disable our functionality. I have a few ideas about how maybe I would do this but all my ideas consist of calling an external webservice that would manage all of our customers' licenses but that would take some considerable setup and may require opening access to outside domains, which companies may balk at. 

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    Friday, October 25, 2013 6:50 PM