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    Hello all, my name is is Jason, long time lurker first real posting though. I am hoping to find some help with an upgrade issue.


    We are in the process of upgrading from SBS v5.2 Build 3790.SRV03-SP2

    to SBS 2003R2 Premium.

    We are upgrading to  deploy  MS CRM 4.0.


     My question is, what is our best deployment method? My understanding is this can not be done as an upgrade. I already have the software, from the best practices it seems the ideal deployment is to bring it up on a fresh server and then migrate the data over. We have one server available and it is live so this would not work for us. Data loss is a concern as in the past they lost a great deal of data on a poorly done migration.


    Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.



    Thank you,


    Thursday, January 31, 2008 8:05 PM

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    Hi Jason,


    Before you do anything make sure you have an updated backup of the System State (Active Directory) and the Exchange Logs. You will want to do a full backup seperate to this as well. This will ensure no data is lost.

    Another good option that I use myself is to take an aimage of the SBS Server using Symantec Ghost, This allows a quick full recovery option if things go very wrong.


    It is very Ideal to migrate to another system, you can pickup a second hand dual processor 3GHz server for under $2000 these days and this can be used as a fail over system. I would highly recomend that you get a product like VMWare and take a virtual image of the server using PXE or another method. This way you can test the upgrade in a Virtual Environment.


    I have done a few Server 2000 to Server 2003 Upgrades without a second server and I have learnt not to be surprised if services simply stop working after you updrade. The more preperation and testing that you do the better things will work out.


    Best Advice I can Offer - Ghost this server so you can roll back quickly if you need to.

    There should not be too many issues as the root system is the same, but make sure you have good backups.



    Jarad C

    Thursday, February 14, 2008 6:44 AM