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  • I have been using Mesh on various computers without problems.  It is a great place to store stuff that I can work on from anywhere.  Microsoft has several other services that pretty much do the same thing.  I may have the names wrong but Office Live, Foldershare, Skydrive, come to mind.  Of course I can accomplish this all thru my own web site by throwing stuff up there too!  Nothing new here!

    What would make this service outstanding would be to duplicate your desktop up here so it would follow you everywhere you went.  We have mutilple computers with multiple users each.  It would be nice if my specific user/desktop would look and feel the same from whatever computer I was logged into at the time.  Now that would really be cool and convienent.

    My favorites are different on every computer.  It is impossible to keep them synced.  It would be just fantastic if I could use Mesh to keep them the same everywhere.  How about the same background and gadgets on each desktop too?  It is a pain to intall all of this over and over again?  Make a change on one it would change on all!  Cool!  You could probably take this much further but you catch my drift?  This would be new and fantastic?  It would greatly simplify my life and the life of my employees.  You would probably need to have an option to keep some things private on personal computer versus work computer.   Specific opt-in should be required for each link or subfolder to be synced.  Link preferable!

    I want a universal desktop no matter where I go!  If I make a change on one it will follow me everywhere I go!

    I am a MSFT shareholder.  I do have concerns how anybody can make any money if everyone online has pretty much decided to give everything away for free!  But that is another topic!


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  • PS:  I kind of accomplish this with remote desktop at home.  It is a great product.   It does lock everyone else out though.  Local LAN is usually good for most appliactions.  The internet has asignificant slowdown in my experience but is useable.  Setting up a VPN connection is just about impossible for the average Joe.  I use Hamachi to pretty much make that part of it painless.  Hamachi is another great product that is free.  How do you guys pay your employees...........
    Monday, September 8, 2008 7:56 PM
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    I'm already using Mesh to sync favorites - it's very easy if you're using a browser which stores them in a folder like IE. Just map the favorites folder to Mesh.

    ON the second (or third ..) computer, map the folder to the local favorites. It works great!

    The only thing i'd like is that when viewing the Live Desktop, it would be nice to be able to double click on the synchronized favorites and open up the web pages, but apart from that, it's all good.

    I think with the desktop, it's possible too - afterall, it's just stored as a folder somewhere in your profile. Well, that's the icons and anything stored in it. It wouldn't be much good for backgrounds, cursors etc. I'd be slightly concerned on the update speed though - sometimes when I log in, it takes a few minutes before changes are sychronized. Perhaps there could be a folder you specify as 'high priority' so that changes to that get synchronized before your other shared folders.


    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 7:33 AM