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  • I am experiencing an annoying issue with our On Premise CRM 2011 Deployment.

    We are viewing a CRM 2011 Site using IE10 (which has to have Compatibility mode enabled for the Javascript to work - as well for many other intranet sites). Enabling this compatibility mode forces IE10 to use "Document Mode = IE7 Standards".

    My problem is then that "IE7 Mode" limits all text boxes to 2000 characters. Using Developer Tools to change the document mode to IE8 or above allows the user to enter more that 200 characters (up to the character limit set in the entity's field).

    The answer, then, seemed simple - force all CRM pages to be in IE8 Compatibility mode. To that end, I followed the instructions from a similar forum and made amendments to the web.config file (or through the Site settings within IIS), which is supposed to add the <META content="IE=8" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible"> tag to all pages from the server.

    This appears to have had NO EFFECT. Using Developer Tools, the "Original Source" contains the meta tag: <META content="IE=7.0000" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible">, and the Document Mode = "IE7 Standards".

    Our CRM 2011 site has the "Load pages in most recent version of Internet Explorer" UNCHECKED - this is because we use javascript that will not work if this option is checked.
    Am i right in thinking that unchecking this option essentially adds the above META tag for all PAGES in the site, and therefore overrides any settings in the web.config file?

    Saying that, If check this option and reload the site, IE Developer Tools states that the Document Mode is "Standards" and not the "IE8" that I specified in the web.config file - so it seems that something in the CRM 2011 site is overriding whatever value is set in the CRM site settings in IIS (v7).

    Does CRM 2011 have a different place for dictating the Document Mode? Or do we only have the choice between IE7 mode and "Standards" mode (which I believe is either IE9 standards, or the standards for the current version - i.e. IE10)?

    Does anyone know how I can force all clients to use IE8 for the document mode?

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