Treeview - Unable to restore previous selection on clicking cancel on a message pop up that is placed on a NodeMouseClick event in vb6 RRS feed

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    Consider a TreeView control containing multiple nodes. On selecting a node, certain information is displayed on a text box. This information can be modified and saved. Accidentally, if a user navigates to a different node without saving, a pop is displayed asking the user to save or cancel the action. If cancel is clicked, selection should remain on the previously selected node instead of a new node. The logic to display pop up is written in BeforeSelect() event of TreeView.Below code works fine in c#.

    But it is not working in case of VB6 because we don't have a BeforeSelect Event in VB6. Is there any way to achieve this in VB6.

    private void TreeView1_BeforeSelect(object sender,TreeViewCancelEventArgs e) { If(Check for anychange) { e.Cancel=true; } }

    Monday, June 17, 2019 1:01 PM