Synching Windows Mobile Phone On Two PC With Most Current Info Being Transferred RRS feed

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         I have recently upgraded my phone and PC's to a HTC Touch Pro II, and a Vista Laptop at work and a Windows 7 at home. After recently loosing all of my phone contacts I am attempting to reconfigure my "Windows Mobile Device Centre"  on both computers to update to the latest information on each of the devices. On my old phone and computers I was able to synch data via the phone with the two computers where the latest entered data (be it on the phone or computer) would be synchronised onto both.

          Currently I can only find in "Windows Mobile Device Centre" the ability to synch whatever is on my phone to the PC, or the opposite. I don't seem to be able to synch both devices to have the most up to date data. As a result If I add an appointment to my calander on my phone, and a different appointment to my calander on my PC, I can only sych one way and thus end up loosing at least one of the appointments. Surely there must be some way to use all devices to add information and then synchronise this data together.

    Saturday, March 20, 2010 1:37 PM