trying to optimize screen video capture using RAM -vs- HD RRS feed

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  • I've looked on-line for a way to edit individual images on MP4s in C# and found nothing.

    so, I'm resorting to playing the video full screen in a WindowsMediaPlayer and screen capturing as many images as I can.

    the results are good but botchy.  So I shut-off my WiFi and disabled services.sysmain to help it along and have mixed results.

    for the same 3m40sec MP4 video my screen captures range from 800-1200.

    the best times capturs images and stores them on the HD in a binary-stream file as it goes along

                - average = 1200 frames

    alternate method:

      instead of capturing an image and saving it to the HD in the binary-stream file right away I kept them in a list and only saved them to the HD after the video was over.  thinking that going to the hard-drive was slowing everything down (the WMP is retrieving the video from the HD and my binary-file-stream is on the same HD) I assumed storing the data in RAM while the video played would speed things up but doing that only gave me on average about 800 frames for the same 3m40sec video.


    • storing each frame to HD as they're captured results in 1200 frames
    • storing each frame in RAM as they're captured results in 800 frames

    how is that possible?

    my code is perfect until i don't find a bug

    Saturday, June 20, 2020 6:07 PM


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