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  • Hi.


    We have an application that in most cases will be installed for a single user on a desktop.( The database is a sql server compact 3.5)  


    But in some cases there will be a need for multiple users, maximum of say 5 users. The database is used to hold quite static but still rather complex configuration data which is why we want a db instead of say XML-files.

    We thought that this was just about putting the .sdf file on a network share, but as you probably know this is not allowed. I know about the drawbacks about such a solution if it were allowed, but since this is not a db with transactions in and out very often we still think it would have been the best solution.


    But, now we have to consider the options and one is to use some kind of synch between these desktops and the .sdf files on them.


    So my question is if this is a viable solution to our problem or should we try something else?





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    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 12:32 PM

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  • Hi there,


    Where does the data come from? Do you have a web service or a DB server where the data is stored?



    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 3:26 AM
  • The data is owned and controlled by the desktop application alone. Since 95% of customer installations will be one license running one instance, the ss compact db is just perfect for us.

    But, at some larger customers, there will be a need for multiple licenses. The database holds quite static configuration data that at the same time is very complex with relations all over the place which is why we still want to use a db.


    So, the data is not transactional in the meaning of several read/writeTongue Tied from these multiple users. Rather, they make changes just a few times a day on this configuration data.


    Our first thought was to place the .sdf file on a shared drive since the concurrent transactions really is no problem. But this is not allowed with the compact database file.


    So, now we have to decide on a solution for this scenario. Of course there is always a possibility to do a quite simple "self-made" solution of having a central .sdf file, place lock on this and exchanging the entire file when changes are made but this just feels like a "last way out" solution.


    Ok, this is the background and perhaps I'm in the wrong forum but I was looking in this thread and sort of got the impression that there might be a way to synchronize the .sdf files.



    The best solution would be for us to not touch the interface between the app and the database and then setup some synchronization between the databases.

    I know that this can be done by a central sql server express/standard and to setup publish/subscribe but this feels like a too "fat" solution for us since the transactions are so few and so on.


    Ok, so, am I at the wrong place here? If so, please give me some directions and if not, perhaps you have an idea for a simple and effective solution



    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 7:18 AM