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  • Can someone tell me PLEASE how to get rid of this evil ?!

    I tried the Microsoft security forums here -> http://search.microsoft.com/Results.aspx?mkt=en-US&q=virtumonde%20site:social.microsoft.com/forums
    in hopes of downloading the "virtumonde adware and privacy/remover m64 "

    I FOUND THE ABOVE UTTERLY  USELESS. It simply redirects me to this supposedly helpful suggestion here -> http://search.microsoft.com/Results.aspx?mkt=en-US&q=virtumonde%20site:social.microsoft.com/forums

    Meanwhile, VIRTUMONDE turned off my ability to download security updates from Microsoft and I have no idea how to turn them back on. In checking some of the help requests I found out that this problem with VIRTUMONDE goes back to 2006 !!!!!!!!!!!!!   

     Can someone please help me?

    // M.D.


    If it is any help, running Ad-Aware returns the following six regkey infections. For all six:


    In the “name” column it says: virtumonde

    In the “type” column it says: Regkey or RegValue

    In the “category” column it says: Malware

    In the “object” column it lists them individually as ---------




    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects\{6d794cb4-c7cd-4c6f-bfdc-9b77afbdc02c}\


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\shellexecutehooks “{6d794cb4-c7cd-4c6f-bfdc-9b77afbdc02c”


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:software\microsoft\ms juan\




    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:software\microsoft\rdfa “N”

    Microsoft Doubter
    Tuesday, February 17, 2009 3:26 AM


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