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  • Hello,
     I have been all over the web, to various xp, Microsoft andmany other sites and pages for information to help me to no avail. Although I have found several differant offerings to uninstall WGA, none have worked for me. I do not seem to be experiencing the same problems as others are eg. either they have a non validated copy of XP, or they have a valid copy and are having issues with validation etc.
     Here is what is happeinign on my desktop (which I am not on now):
      Since the second I stupidly let Microsoft install this update, I am getting constant white balloon pop ups stemming from my bottom tool bar "telling me I might be infected with a trojan virus and I should download Microsoft anti virus software...choice of two..); I am getting constant window (large obscuring) that are bright red and white, and quite annoying. They are telling me with several sizes and types of windows (like 6 at a time), that I need to download this softwre and that I am infected and my pc is running on 46% and I need this software to fix it...blah blah, blah...and on and on it goes.
      I'm unable to use my computer due to distractions; windows pop up in the middle of posting to newsgroups, even! Worse perhaps, it has taken control of my homepage info. If I try to reset it in any way, it reverts back to one of several microsoft URLs...what is happening here???
      I have tried to uninstll this update by going to Add/Remove, and to My Computers, and to teh registry more than several times each to no avail. I even tried restoring my pc which of course did no good but I was stupidly desperate and someone said it helped them....
     Bottom line is that this software is wreaking havoc on my desktop xp system which is valid and ahs been validated on numerous occassions...so why is this happening to me? I am fed up as I;ve been wporking to remove this unremovable software for days...can anyone help me do so? It obviously is not compatible with my pc. My pc was made by a pc guy and we bought the xp to install; it is a gennuine copy and has been validated. I can't go to the pc company; they do not have service like thelarge companies do eg HP. It doesn't even appear in Microsoft's lsit of pc mfgs. nor does it have a site. I can't afford to call Microsoft; others have tried to do so and got no where...
     I am quite ill at this time and do not need this added stress. All my photo work is on the desktop and ther is an upcoming show that I need to use the pc for (photography). This is spyware, nothign less and it needs to be removed. What are my alternatives? I have been to other forums and this is the last resort before I am thinking of calling my consumer department of the tv station/s here to let tehm view what has happened to my computer and to let the masses know that they should thikn before installing updates even if from Microsoft. I am quiet angry, yes.HELP!!
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