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  • Last friday when I looked in my folder monitored by the Mesh, almost all the files desapeared!!! And the files aren't in the bin!!!
    I don't know what happened! These files are very importants!!!
    Can the Microsoft recover my files, that suddenly deleted by the Mesh?

    Thanks for the compreension, Thiago Andrade.
    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 10:35 PM


  • Deleted files should be in the Recycle Bin on the PC they were deleted from if Live Mesh took action on them based on mirroring activity from another device in your Mesh. If they are not there, you may have emptied the recycle bin. Check the other devices in the Mesh.
    Another reason for deletion or files is that you are using two different Sync solutions on the same folder. If that is the case, all bets are off as files can be deleted by either program due to the conflict.
    Check the Live Mesh notifier to see what actions were performed and what the source of the actions were.
    If you are unable to determine the cause of the deletions, please open a bug report with logs from all machines in your Mesh.
    Note that since this is a beta, you really should have a backup of your data in safe location that is not automatically synchronized in the Mesh.

    How to Submit Bugs and Live Mesh Logs

    Note that you may not get a response to the bug report, though. It will be transferred to the internal system to be assigned to the appropriate development group.

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    Wednesday, November 18, 2009 1:57 PM