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  • I have a small Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 cluster that we purchased and asked for it to be a "Turn Key and Go" type deal, so we didn't configure it. The annoyance I am having is that I can't reboot or shutdown the compute nodes from the Node Management window of the Head node. So when I need to do that, I have to remote desktop into each one (which for some reason take about 5 minutes from the head node,) and shut them down like that.

    Does any one have ideas on where to start? I checked, all the firewalls have allowed File Sharing, which I saw some where needed to be on in order to do this.

    When I ran "Shutdown-HpcNode" from HPCPowerShell, it gave me an error about bad username or password, so I think it might have some configuration problem.

    (this was the first Windows HPC the vender had ever done, so their configuration settings might not have been perfect, but on the whole, this is a small problem to have.)

    (Oh, and the Nodes do show up as online and report back their CPU usage, if that helps.)


    Wednesday, June 18, 2014 1:27 PM

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  • hi Keepitreal89,

    Shutdown-HpcNode, just as the Stop operation from Admin Console, by default send a shutdown command to the OS, and it can be configured with IPMI-based commands. It shares with Start-HpcNode the same backed script located at %ccp_home%\bin\CcpPower.cmd. You may check it out to see if this cmd file is configured properly.

    Actually there is another easy alternative to shutdown/restart CNs. Just use clusrun e.g. 'clusrun /nodegroup:computenodes shutdown /r /t 0' would restart all the CNs. Note once CNs are shutdown, the OOB IPMI-based commands need to be configured in the CcpPower.cmd to start them up.

    Hope this helps.



    Wednesday, June 18, 2014 11:14 PM