Can't remember mer,y live id and I'm stuck without it RRS feed

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  • Hi, I had purchased windows live one care product along with my computer. I activated it with some live ID (which I have completely forgotten). Unfortunately my hard disk crashed and I got it replaced. Now I need to re-install windows Live one care it asks me for the Live ID that I don't know.

    I have already tried the following things:

    1. Find the Windows Live ID associated with your subscription when OneCare is activated and installed on your computer

    In order for this to work, one care should be active. In my case, the installation is not active yet and won't be until I complete the installation. I can't complete the installation until I know the Live ID. Kind of chicken and egg problem.

    2.  Find the Windows Live ID aissociated with your current or previous subscription when OneCare is not activated or installed on your computer

    This is quite funny. It will ask me to go to Microsoft billing and account management page. It says in here that I should try all the Live ID's I have until I find the windows Live ID that's associated with the one care product. Hey, I'm here because I do not remember the windows Live ID that I used. If I can remotely remember this , then I can try different IDs in the one care installation itself!. Again - not a very useful thing.

    3. Reset a Windows Live ID or fix an unavailable Windows Live ID
    This does not work either as it says the remover failed.

    Finally I tried to contact a custommrer suport person to talk to. It asks me to validate my subscription. It asks for a product ID number. I have the product key which is 25 degits and the product ID number it is asking for is 20 degits.

    It says the product ID number is located in Help->About Menu. I could not find any thing like this in the help.

    So, I can't reach a custommer service agent and the online help is not being useful to me. Can anyone help me in this regard?
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  • Send an e-mail with One Care in the subject line to jrap107@msn.com and I will help you contact support.
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