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    Just love the "concept" of the Beta II and wish we could purchase more than "three" users on one account.


    Our houseold has about eight work stations and I would love to manage them all from a central point via OneCare.


    Also, we have been waiting months for the "64Bit" version and it does seem to work fine on Vista Ultimate.


    (BTW, Vista is reality is the fastest most fantastic operating system Microsoft has ever done) I am running the


    dual 64bit version and boy do I get more work done everyday! It's just that Microsoft should consider eliminating


    the word: "upgrade" from its vocabulary as my first attempt to "upgrade" on several good machines took over two


    weeks of down time.  But, on a clean install it is just Awesome! And I thought I would have to wait at least a year


    for Vista service pack 2 or 3 etc... 


    Back to OnceCare Beta II, it really doesn't work well at all on the old XP Pro machines... So we went back to


    Ver. 1.x and will wait for the (you know - bugs) to come out.


    I am going to stick with OneCare from now on and I threw out all those "yellow and black" boxes and disks.


    Dave Stevens

    Jamestown, New York



    Thursday, September 13, 2007 10:00 PM

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  • Thanks for the comments, Dave. I know that the concept of adding more PCs to a subscription (and thereby to the Circle) is something that is being looked into or maybe even developed, as it was mentioned in the 2.0 beta chat recently.



    Friday, September 14, 2007 12:37 AM