Split community name BLeRg and iamBLeRg. I am BLeRg on the MSDN Home page, but I am also iamBLeRg on other tabs. RRS feed

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  • A few years ago there was some sort of a problem, I lost my original community name 'BLeRg'.  This was replace with BleRgIsBack, but, very soon thereafter, due to some sort of a problem, I lost my community name 'BleRgIsBack', so I've been known as 'iamBLeRg' for most of the time I've been at MSDN.  Just now I noticed I'm being identified by my original community name, 'BLeRg' ,on the MSDN Home page, but when I click on the Forums tab I'm being IDed as 'iamBLerg'.  I would like to know, since I have my toe in the door, is there any way to merge my split (community) identity back into the original BLeRg.  After all, it must have taken me several minutes to come up with a name unique enough to be able to join MSDN, so, since it took so much time to come up with that name, I'ld really like to be known as me again.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (oops, that shatered the meters LCD!) I can safely state that it looks like I very much hope someone can help me with this one!


    Sunday, August 16, 2009 2:43 PM