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  • I'm exploring the Departments concept.I read that different Users can see different User Interfaces based on their departments and that essentially departments does is

    1)It filters out EPT’s and Custom Fields

    Does department filter out projects from project center view?Can it be made that portfolio manager of one department see projects of only his departments? I know we can create views, but I 'm checking if it can be done 'by default view'.

    Friday, January 20, 2012 8:33 PM


  • PWA guy --
    No, you cannot use the Department field to filter projects in the Project Center view.  You would need to use Groups and/or Categories to make this happen, or use filters applied to specific Project Center views.
    Keep in mind that the main purpose of the Department field is to tie department-related custom fields to specific departmental projects.  For example, let�??s say that our organization manages two types of projects using Project Server 2010:  IT projects and HR projects.  There are a number of custom fields related specifically to IT projects and a few custom fields related to HR projects.  We do not want to require our IT project managers to fill out HR-related fields, and we do not want to require our HR project managers to fill in IT-related fields.  So, we could add the IT and HR departments to the Department lookup table.  And then when we create custom fields related to IT projects, we would select the IT Department for each of those fields.  And when we create custom fields related to HR projects, we would select the HR Department for each of those fields.  If there are any custom fields that we want filled out for both IT and HR departments, then we would not select any Department value for those fields.
    When a PM creates a new enterprise projects, in the Project Information dialog, he/she would select the relevant department in the Department pick list.  If he/she selects the IT department, then those IT custom fields would display for editing.  If he/she selects the HR department, then those HR custom fields would display for editing.  And any fields that are not tied to the IT department or the HR department would show automatically in the dialog.  And that, my friend, is how Departments work.  Hope this helps.

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