How to create Undetectable Hidden Folders or Lock Folder or Password protect a Folder with just a basic bat file RRS feed

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  • After a lot of net search I found a batch file for locking the folder which simply renames the folder to a system-protected type folder. But in this, the folder name and password are shown in the batch file itself, so anyone can read the batch file and find the folder.

    It was a good idea but then I wanted a higher/advanced level of protection, wherein 
    1) Other people can not know the password.
    2) Others should not know the location of my secret folder which can be done by simply Un-checking the "hide system and Protected folder" in the options of the windows-explorer

    So I created a Secret.bat application:

    10] Creating the secret-location-path for your folder: 
    11) Run the Secret.bat
    12) Enter your folder name, secret-location-path and password, the batch file will create the secret folder at a location you specified using your custom password.
    13) Move all your folder content to that secret-location-path.

    20] When you require a folder data back:
    21) Run the Secret.bat in ADMINISTRATOR mode, enter your folder name, secret-location-path and password, the batch file will create a link to that folder
    22) The link will be created at the current location of the batch file.
    23) the created link can be deleted manually or using the batch file.

    You Are Done!

    30] the benefits
    31) the secret-location-path can be anywhere in the windows system. And since there are 1000s of folder inside a windows system it is very difficult for anyone to enable "show hidden folder" and search each and every folder.
    32) folder-name and password are not stored inside the batch file so no one can get any information even if he reads the batch file.

    40] Remarks
    41) one need to run the Secret.bat application in ADMINISTRATOR mode when creating a link.
    42) It is recommended that the secret-location-path is in the same Drive from where the folder is being moved. as moving from one drive to another drive will  take long time if there are large files inside the folder.
    43) The link can be created in any location, any drive of your system. The link works exactly as the folder itself.
    44) Tested in windows 10 Home

    50] How to create Secret.bat Application in your system
    51) Create a new Secret.txt file
    52) open in notepad and copy the below codes in the Secret.txt file , save the file.
    53) rename the Secret.txt file to Secret.bat
    54) You Are Done!!
    Tuesday, January 7, 2020 12:10 PM