Is it just me or is bing useless on WP8? Ads, suggestions, no results. RRS feed

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  • Bing is becoming quite useless lately. When it doesn't like what I search for (and it rarely does) it fills my page with suggestions. My precious screen space is filled with huge headers (a limitation of Metro I hate), Ads (can I buy Bing so it shuts the hell up?) and suggestions.

    Look at it. A dedicated search app and not a single result in sight. Can't reconfigure button. Can't kill ads. Can't kill suggestions. Can't disable button. I am stuck with a touch button that does basically nothing but kick me out of games. Well, music and vision works, but only because I lied on my questionnaire.

    Don't even get me started on its inability to search for what I told it to search, it always interprets my input.

    Just look at it:

    Well, at least I have the option to look for odd earrings at a single tap, but not a single word on design decisions. Also, I can buy "Odd" on Amazon UK, thank God for that.

    Also, according to MSDN, "phrase" is supposed to search for "phrase", exactly. "two ton" first hit is "twoton". Also includes 2 tonnes.

    So, back to my original question. Do I have a bad setting or is Bing WP8 app simply useless and poorly designed and implemented?

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013 8:12 PM

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  • Same problem on WP7. I type as example in search: Ruffel and I get Rufle. I have even seen come up the screen, " did you mean 'Rufle'? " showing me result for Rufle and not giving me the option to NO I did not mean Rufle.

    I conclude that Bing things by default that we are stupid and can't spell correct and with that, Bing is having a laugh by not giving us the option to  indicate what word we mean.

    luckily we have Google search app

    Sunday, November 10, 2013 1:12 PM
  • I kept investigating, and it's not just that the app that's odd, Bing itself can't be bothered. I took your example, and Ruffel also gets me Ruffle. But "Ruffel" ... wait, that is exactly the same, what was the point of quotes? Well, the point of quotes is to kill spaces, contrary to what the documentation says. You see, 1 2 translates to "1 and 2 in the same page". To look for "1 2" as phrase, you use quotes. So they reused quotes for phrases and exact phrase is left hanging, breaking all apps that don't have the ability to revert to a designed search.


    The above link is the MSDN entry on Bing Query Language. It states (in case the link is broken)

    "phrase" Returns results that contain the specified phrase, exactly. Example: "foo"

    Yeah, right.

    I dug deep on search syntax, came up empty. I even attempted to inject syntax into the app, even though typing "&filters:rcrse="1"" is ridiculous. Don't worry, it didn't work, the app is quite thorough. There is no way to search for Ruffel. You do get Ruffel.com at some point, but it's not exactly what I should get.

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013 3:48 PM