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  • OK so, im not sure exactly if it is renos.jm or .rm. But either way, i have it, and it's raising ____. It keeps causing my internet browser to redirect the website links to adsites or just simply close all together. It seems to deactivate my virus protection on its own. It got passed AVG, and next thing i know i get a message from AVG saying that i have it, and as soon as i get the message it will no longer run a scan. SO i uninstalled that and installed Avast hoping that that would work... WRONG, same thing happened. It disabled it and it no longer works. So i uninstalled that, and i installed windows live one PRAYING that it would delete this nasty little bug... Sadly, it fell with it's comrads and will no longer run any scans. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this motha #$@%@#
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