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    Hi, I've got a retail copy of Windows Live One Care that came bundled with a Maxtor external drive. I've had no problems installing it but have not been able to attain subscriber status after weeks of trying all sorts of things, including re-installing and finishing setup (as suggested by a moderator in a previous post).


    At the moment, the program says my pc is at risk because I have not finished setup. Setup involves signing in with my windows Live ID, so I do. I'm told that it looks like I need a subscription. But the options for getting a subscription seem to be to use a credit card or activate a token if I've bought a retail copy. So I click on activate a token and key in my product key, but it says that the product key entered is already in use. This is the one and only PC so far I've installed this on. So the window prompts me that if I'm installing this on another PC or Reinstalling (which I've just done) then I should close this window and open OneCare and click Activate again. The problem is I can't locate this 'Activate' button anywhere.


    Could I have somehow activated the OneCare using another Live ID? As far as I know I only have one ID. Is there any way to find out? I've tried (as Instant Help suggested) to sign in under the Billing Account or something to check what ID is assigned to my OneCare account, but my Live ID apparently has no billing relationship/history.


    Is there anything I can do to solve this problem? There seems to be no link at all to any telephone support number as well in spite of the product packaging claiming full telephone support. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Saturday, March 22, 2008 10:14 AM


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