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  • Hi, All!

    Recently I have started having weird problem with my XP Pro. It boots up slowly. Not like there's a lot to load and startup, no. The scenario is different. It boots up pretty quick, but I know that process isn't finished. After I log in, there's no any CPU or HDD activity, but... I see that network drivers ere not working properly (and I don't see Ethernet/WiFi 'connection' icon in tray. I can't access several programs as well. Then there is a delay for about a minute! (As I told before, no CPU/HDD activity, it's just standing still!). And after that minute it rapidly finished start-up process, finally MSN messenger opens etc.

    I used BootVis utility to log booting process. And here is what I saw:

    'Driver delay' section. It actually shows the problem. For 40-60 seconds there's huge amount of driver delays (ranging from 4 to 29 seconds). The thing that is most interesting is that it shows, that reuqestor is Idle process(0)!!! And error is 'FObj_Notfound'.

    How it possibly can be that *idle* process requests something for 4-30 seconds from some driver(s)!?

    What do you think, what it could be and how to fight it. I'm tired of waiting while my laptop doesn't do anything on startup for a whole minute or even more, but still I can't use it in this time.

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    Tuesday, October 5, 2010 2:27 PM


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