enabling PROMISCUOUS mode RRS feed

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    i m on my way in devloping a packet sniffer using visual c#(express edition) and in between i was first having problems receving and sending the packets in / out of my machine. I was able to identify the problem firstly that my NIC was not being operating in PROMISCUOUS mode thus making it impossible for my code to guarantee(100%) the packets tranversal in /out of my NIC. Thus in order to have all the packets being processed by your machine regardless of the destiantion address i need to put my NIC on PROMISCUOUS mode.

    but sadly uptill now i have not being able to find an easy way for doing this. I have searched all over the net and the only articles i was able to extract was regarding the installation of ndis driver and then through the use of [dll import ] import method one can configure your nic. But the problem in this method is that this is not all portable approach....coz wht i know every nic doesn't have an ndis driver installed and needs to be installed specifically on each machine in order ro work.

    Could anyone thus,guide me how could i enable my NIC into PROMISCUOUS mode(using c#) in a manner that is more portable and workable under ... please let me know so far my luck with c # regarding this problem have been complete failure!

    Thx in anticiptation
    Tuesday, August 3, 2010 5:22 AM