any one done any neural networks project before? RRS feed

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  •  Hi Everyone,

    I taught myself a bit of concept for neural networks.... It seems very interesting.

    Has any one done any project with it yet?

    Is it possible to do a snake game, and let computer learn to play the game and learn by failure?

    How should i set it up? do i put each move as input? also, how should i set up the learning pattern, as it's not only one outcome (i want to computer to avoid dying as well as trying to grow longer)

    can any one give me some hint?
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  • this is the forum for C# discussions. you will most likely not get answers regarding neural networks here. try and find a suitable forum for this subject. good luck with your work!
    Lucian Baciu, MSP, MCTS, http://studentclub.ro/lucians_weblog
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