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  • Ok so i went to sign in to my e-mail account and it asked me to verify my e-mail address with another e-mail account. i then created a new account in order to access my old e-mail for i got some message that said i was signed in by someone else. So i created the new e-mail, decided to scrap my old e-mail and attempt to switch my x box live account to that new e-mail, unfortunatly when i went to the x box live "my account" it created a brand new x box account, i then called customer care for x box live and was told the only way to switch my account was to do it through my x box itself, also i can no longer use the new email for 2 reasons A: the e-mail account cannot be used if it is not 30 days or older, B: when i attempted to sign in with the new e-mail address it gave me a brand new x box live account. i was then told by customer service that in order to have any of this cleared up i must contact this forum because the is no customer service number for windows live. So all in all my questions are these. 1. when i sign in with my e-mail account on a different computer or from a different access point i should still be able to use my home computer to access it without getting the "your e-mail has been used by someone else" message, 2. why is it that i now need a new e-mail access point to access my old account, and 3. why do you not have representatives that can be called for these problems. I am moving from Toronto to Baysville which is 2 and a half hours from Toronto and i will also have no internet access from which i can have a response within 24 hours the only way I'll be able to access this once again is in September. Please contact my cell phone, i hopefully will receive an e-mail from someone shorty and then will hopefully talk this problem through. Your new security features are disabling my ability to use my e-mail from any point. I understand that identity theft is only increasing, but how can i access anything from a library when your "get code" wont even give someone a code, nor do you have anyone to speak with to rectify this situation.

    Please e-mail me at xsv_takz@hotmail.com (account i had to create today to access my old account)

    or e-mail my old account at takz86@hotmail.com

    Sunday, July 29, 2012 9:56 PM