Updated finds With Tune-up Issues Continued RRS feed

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  •  decided to post this after a few days of letting the software settle down and I got wloc 2.0 on a xp computer.


    Here's what I visually noticed Tune up doing Unexpected


    Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit build wloc tune-up failed to perform

    removing of files & Defrag were not performed over the past 4 days the same resaults


    My Windows XP Home Computer over 2 days and running tune up twice a day would perform all task correctly No issues once a day and then the second runs on both days the remove files and defrag would not run. a intermitten failure


    after running tune up both systems Tune-Up Log reports unknown errors on the failed attempts on both Systems


    for right now these Issues are tolerable because I mostly I use wloc 2.0 as a virus & spyware program I use the Operating Systems Utilities most of the time in conjunction with the tune up which does everything at once when it works.


    These were My observations for the past 5 days of The Tune-up Issues I hope this Helps.

    Saturday, July 21, 2007 7:08 PM