How i can unblock a windows hotmail acount when my recovery mail is old and it has been deleted RRS feed

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  • Hello guys and pls help me... Im lost with all this acount things of microsoft ask me. I had an email and i had used it to my ps3 id which is unchangable... Whell this mail ended blocked. I had created a new one because the recovery mail was deleted for no use long time ago. But i didnt thought that i will had this problem. I want to recover my password for my ps3 to change my mail and put the new one. I have tried literaly everything... there is no point. Both acounts have the same user names surenames countries date of births etc... But no one give a look to them. Every time a mail comes with a form of nonsence because i complete it and it says that the info is to low. Whell that is my info.... i didnt had credit card i didnt had acount live on xbox and i didnt had created folders on my acount. Is there anyone who can give me a straight mail to contact someone personaly in mail? I dont want to answer automatic mails again again with no use. I want my acount unblocked to take my freaking pass and after i will delete the freakinf mail to no existance. I dont forgot passwords... its blocked. Its so hard to someone there to see it? If they want proof i cant send to them my identity card in photo or any thing they like to prove them that im the same legit person. Someone pls help me with this bureocracy
    Tuesday, August 19, 2014 6:35 PM