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    We have a WinForms client that leverages SyncServices to exchange data with Oracle (2-tier architecture), and are looking to gather some performance numbers from the server when a large number of concurrent users invoke a sync. In regards to executing our application in an automated fashion, we can easily create a console application that invokes the sync logic (instead of driving a GUI); however, spinning up multiple clients on a single workstation or multiple clients with multiple threads will prove to be problematic because of the CPU and memory resources required.


    That said, we are looking alternatives, some of which take a 'intercept the network traffic and then play it back' approach, which is fine, but I think it would create some issues for SyncServices based upon how it works - correct?


    So, my question is: What are some approaches for load testing large numbers of SyncServices clients against a database server given that just replaying requests to the db may not be technically appropriate?



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