"The folder is currently in use" error message when compacting Inbox in OE RRS feed

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    Hello.  I am running Win XP with Outlook Express 6.0 and when I am trying to compact the Inbox I am getting the following error message "The folder in currently in use by Outlook Express or another application".  This is happening only on the Inbox, all the rest of the folders compact just fine.  I have done the compacting in the program with just Outlook Express open on the tree on the left, then close the folder tree and closed the addresses too.  I tried this a few times.  I have rebooted several times.  I have tried it with my firewall off.  I just leave the machine alone so it can work when it is compacting.  OE is the only thing open when I have been trying it.  Nothing is helping, every time I am still getting the same error message on the Inbox. 


    My inbox.dbx file is almost 1.5GB (and yes, I do mean GB).  Is that part of the problem?  That is a big part of the reason I want that file to compact.  I recently went through and cleaned out the vast majority of what was in my inbox.  Seriously deleting thousands of emails.  The file size did not budge then.  So I figured compacting it was the solution.  But now I can't get it to compact. 


    I have searched all over on the internet several times for a few days and am not finding a solution to this problem, so I would really appreciate any help or thoughts at all 


    Thank you so much!!




    Sunday, January 4, 2009 9:59 PM