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  • Hi all,

     i want to use ExecuteMultiple request in my silverlight application.

    its work fine in plugin,or console application.

    but no luck in silverlight.

     Service = SilverlightUtility.GetSoapService();

       OrganizationRequest request = new OrganizationRequest() { RequestName = "ExecuteMultiple" };
                    request["Settings"] = new ExecuteMultipleSettings()
                        ContinueOnError = false,
                        ReturnResponses = false
                    OrganizationRequestCollection OrganizationRequestcol = new OrganizationRequestCollection();
                    request["Requests"] = OrganizationRequestcol;
                    EntityCollection input = GetCollectionOfEntitiesToCreate();
                    foreach (var entity in input.Entities)

                        OrganizationRequest createRequest = new OrganizationRequest() { RequestName = "Create" };
                        createRequest["Target"] = entity;

      Service.BeginExecute(request, new AsyncCallback(MyResponse), Service);

    ExecuteMultipleSettings and OrganizationRequestCollection classes are not supported in  silverlight.

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    Wednesday, February 19, 2014 8:29 AM