Memory leak when start/stop filter graph many times RRS feed

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  • I am implementing an application by using directshow filter graph as bellow:
      Camera capture fiter -> custom encoder filter -> sample grabber filter

     When I repeate start/stop graph many times the memory leak occurred.

     If I Pause/Start graph many times then didn't occur memory leak, but when I use Pause() function then after Start() filter graph again, the first image will be merge with previous image. So I must use Stop() function in this case.

     I think the memory leak occured in custom encoder filter, but I don't understand why has memory leak when stop and start again filter graph.

     How to fix memory leak when start/stop filter graph ?

     I investigated much time, but I didn't find any solution for it. Please help me.

    Thursday, January 16, 2014 7:04 AM