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  • about a month ago my hardrive crashed and of course i had not backed my things up yet so i lost everything. well that aside, after i got a new hardrive my boyfriend used the windows vista  anytime upgrade cd which came with my laptop and reinstalled vista with it. i kept getting pop ups saying that my vista validation key was incorrect or something like that and now it wont even let me log on to my laptop i dont know what to do. i mean its not like a downloaded copy of vista its off of the cd that came with my computer! please help i really need it working again. thanks
    Monday, February 23, 2009 7:28 PM


  • Spencer9,

    Please look on the bottom of your laptop and tell us what Operating System is listed on the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA).  Do NOT post the Product Key printed on the CoA.

    What is the make and model number of the laptop?

    Also, what upgrade CD do you have?  There are four:  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-vista/get/anytime-upgrade-overview.aspx

    Note that the Windows Vista Anytime Upgrade CD is meant to be a convenient way for you to Upgrade the installed edition of Windows Vista to an edition with greater capabilities.  Use of the Upgrade requires that you purchase the upgrade license within a certain number of days after installing the upgrade, or else that installed upgrade will go into "reduced functionality mode" which is what you are experiencing now.

    It's likely that to extract yourself from this predicament, you are going to have to use the Recovery Solution provided by your laptop manufacturer to return your computer back to the factory-fresh installation of Windows that it came with, and that will be the edition listed on the CoA.  If the solution was a hard disk drive based Recovery Partition, then it's likely that was lost when the crashed hard disk drive was replaced.  If so, you will need to obtain a Recovery DVD for your computer from the computer manufacturer.  Some make it easy to get, some are much more difficult and expensive.  If the Recovery Solution was a manufactuer-branded Recovery DVD, then that is what you should have used to do your installation of Windows after installing the new hard disk.
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