I am trying to get Outlook Client On-Premise / Service Provider Edtion Client setup on a XP-SP3 laptop - Can't find CRM Server RRS feed

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    1. CRM Server running Win2K3 SP2 64bit Server with CRM Enterprise w/ Rollup 10
    2. SQL Server is a Win2K3 SP2 64 Bit Server with SQL 2005 SP3 w/ reporting services and CRM Data connector w/ Rollup10
    3. I am trying to get Outlook Client On-Premise / Service Provider Edition Client setup on a XP-SP3 laptop.
      1. This was downloaded using the Resource page within CRM
    4. Laptop is not connected to an AD domain or over VPN  though I have tried with the same results
    5. I am using Oulook 2007 to an Exchange 2007 Server in my Hosing Cloud via Https
      1. OWA login on in my exchange domain
      2. Email login credentials are different from my CRM login
    6. My exchange client works fine to my Exchange Server- Email works all day...great.
    7. I've installed CRM Oullook Client - Base load / Rollup 7 / Rollup 10 (all without error)  
    8. I've Search MANY threads on the web for this issue all of which are of no help.
    9. This is an IFD+On Premise - Multi-tenant deployment - IFD tool used to configure the CRM Server.
    10. CRM Server - IIS 6 -
      1. Default web page uses port 80 and set to redirect to the https URL
      2. Port 5555 is assigned to the standard port on CRM web page 
      3. Port 443 is assigned to the SSL port on CRM web page
      4. SSL Certificate is installed on the CRM web page - Not on the Default webpage.
      5. So when user inputs CRM url with http/https header - End result is ALWAYS https url for security  
      6. Certificate is a wildcard Certificate -  *.domain.net
      7. .....Don't know if IIS 6 being set this way is part of the issue. 
    11. ...I launch Outlook CRM config wizard
    12. ...I choose the "online service provider"
    13. ...type in my url (sample:  https://crm.domain.net )
    14. ...I get the error "the specified microsoft dynamics crm server is not available. make sure that the url is correct. To test the URL, try opening it in internet Explorer"
    15. The URL opens fine in the browser with the login window opening as expected and I can log in fine. 


    Thursday, May 6, 2010 4:06 PM