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  • Looks like another Windows ME like software from Microsoft we got here.


    Here's Why I had Windows ME back in 2000 I re-installed 96 times burned out a dvd-rom drive Nothing would work right It took a half a year and Windows XP to end that issue


    I'm up to re-install 3 with windows live Microsoft Don't Care software of 2.0.2500.10


    This is getting to be a regular pain in the ___ if you know what I mean.


     Where's the fixes Where's the refresh build that's suppose to solve all this stuff.


    What's going on Windows Live One Care ??? there are hundreds of Issues and no response.


    I call support I get a auto response please enter password to join confrence in progress. Where's the support at?


    Oh wait I had to stop typing just now Wloc virus/spyware monitoring just went red


    Wloc went Yellow Renew Button appears (My Subscription does not end till 08/24/2008)

    I Renew Windows Live One Care settings reset to default WTF


    Ok looks like I'll be doing re-install 4 by the time I finish this.


    Minutes later Dang Nab that Screen saver I set you to OFF


    Here's a Mikro's Day in the Life of Windows Live One Care 2.0


    Monday, December 10, 2007 6:05 AM