Escallation Rules - all timers relative to case creation? RRS feed

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  • When the Springwave release the case Escalation/SLA we got all excited.

    Playing with it got us even more excited, until (one sad moment) we realised that it was actually really limited (as far as we could tell).

    How so you say - its great?!

    Well, if your scenario is that you can determine the priority of your Cases immediately when they are created, and that they are unlikely to change, and there is a nice linear process to completion, then great its wonderful.

    However, if you have the following requirements:

    • Receive case (by portal/email)
    • Have SLA on triage / first response
    • Allow triage team to classify case AND assign it different SLA depending on what the nature of the case is, and set the timers to be from the time triage is created (AND NOT from when the case was created)
    • Easily set followup SLA (and escallation) to ensure that someone chases the customer if they have been asked for more detail

    - the above does not seem to work for us since it appears that the springwave functionality all works of the creation date as the basis.

    I would dearly like to be shown I am wrong, but I don't think I am.

    Martin Miller - Auckland, New Zealand

    Sunday, August 17, 2014 10:54 PM