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    1. Create new user without Admin privileges.
    2. Create new roles.
      • Commercial Manager Role. (with System Admin privileges)
      • Account Manager Role. (with Sales Manager privileges)
    3. Assigning roles to users
      • Commercial Manager Role to Existing System administrator.
      • Account Manager Role to new Create User.
    4. Customisations
      • Create new filed on Account Entity with name “Price”. (Single line of Text)
      • Create new field on Contact Entity with name “Price”.  (Single line of Text)
      • Create new field on Contact Entity with name “Approval Status”, Option set (In progress, Pending & Approved)
    5. Compare the Price value of Account with Contact when Contact is created.


    • If Price value of contact is less than the account Price value then the particular contact is assigned to Commercial Manager person, email activity need to be created  and status of approval status filed on contact changed to “Pending”.
    • If Price value of Contact is more than the Account Price value then the particular Contact Approval Status filed should be change to “Pending”.

    Note:-Account manager should only create the contact, Commercial Manager approved the contact.

    1. New View should be created with name “My Assigned contacts”. (login user assigned contacts should be visible in this view)
    2. Commercial Manager will change the Approval Status in Contact Entity to “Approved” which are assigned to him and again it should be assigned to created user.         
    Thursday, February 6, 2014 10:44 AM

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  • by using the plugin you achieve ur functionality on create message and Post operation...

    ms crm

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 12:21 PM