Can a ps2 mouse driver run a ps 2 mouse through a USB port using usb to ps2 convert cable on SBS 2003 Server RRS feed

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  • We have a server rack with 4 servers.
    > 3 of them have ps2 connectors for keyboard and mouse.The
    > 2003 sbs has all usb ,we also have a belkin 4 port omni view
    > so each mouse ,keyboard and monitor from the servers are
    > inputs on the belkin so we have only 1 ps2 mouse,keyboard,
    > and monitor to run all 4 servers instead of 4 of them.On the
    > usb 2003 server the keyboard and monitor work but the ps2
    > mouse will not,i have to hookup a usb mouse to work the 2003
    > server.I can not seem to find solution to fit this or a particular mouse driver  that fits this need.I have made copies of the ps2  mouse driver from the other servers that work fine to run the single ps2 mouse thru the Belkin ,can i use those drivers to run the ps2 mouse thru USB port? I did not think so and that is way i am here.I have not tried just putting those ps2 drivers in the  SBS 2003 server that is all USB  to see and can not seem to find documentatiuon on those ps2 mouse drivers to verify they will run a ps2 mouse thru USB connector.Thank you  Tom
    Thursday, February 18, 2010 12:26 AM